Conflicts of Interest

State Conflict of Interest

State law requires you to disclose any interest in a contract if the contract or purchase will result or is intended to result in an increase in your or your dependent’s income or net worth. If you have a conflict of interest, you must do the following to report it to the University:

  • Complete and sign the University’s Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement
  • Submit the form to your Dean, Department Chair, or Director for review and signature
  • After signed by your Dean/Department Chair/Director, send it to your campus’s Executive Officer (Provost or Chancellor) for review and signature
  • After signed by your campus’s Executive Officer, send the form to our office for review and signature

If the dollar value of the transaction exceeds five thousand dollars ($5,000.00), our office will present the form to the University’s Board of Trustees at the next scheduled meeting. Once the Board approves the form, it will be signed by the Board Secretary and dated as of the Board’s approval.

Once the form is approved by either our office or the Board of Trustees, depending on the dollar value of the transaction, the form will be sent to the State Board of Accounts. You will receive an email from the Office of the Board of Trustees once the form has been formally approved.

If you have questions regarding state conflicts of interest, please contact Jennifer Adams.