Requests for University Records

Our office responds to requests for University records, including subpoenas served on University employees, search warrants, and open records requests.

Subpoenas & Authorizations

If you receive a subpoena or an authorization for the release of records in the course and scope of your employment with the University, you should forward it to our office as soon as it is received. We will ensure that the University responds appropriately according to its legal obligations.

If you have any questions regarding subpoenas or authorizations, please contact our office.

If you have received a subpoena or an authorization, please send it via email to either Suzann Westerfield or Lisa Kilgore.

Search Warrants

A search warrant is a written court order authorizing law enforcement officers or governmental agents to search specific areas. If a law enforcement officer or governmental agent presents a search warrant, you should ask to see the agent’s identification, request a copy of the search warrant, call our office, and, after consulting with our office, allow the search to occur.

Inquiries from Attorneys, Investigators, and Insurance Companies

From time to time, an outside attorney, investigator, or insurance company representative may contact you to request information about the University, its students, or other employees and/or faculty members, without a warrant or a subpoena. If you ever receive a request for information, documents, or other evidence without a warrant or a subpoena, you should not disclose any information and should immediately notify our office about the inquiry. You should refer the inquiring person to our office, and we can work with the individual regarding an appropriate response.

Please remember that if you are contacted by a reporter, you do not need to answer his/her questions. You may respectfully decline to answer and then refer the individual to IU Communications.

Open Records Requests

As a public institution, the University is subject to Indiana’s Access to Public Records Act. If you receive a request pursuant to the open records law, do not send any documents to the requesting party. Please direct the individual to our website.