University-Related Entities

Any organization that has a legal existence separate from the University that is likely to be viewed as a part of the University or affiliated with the University is a University-Related Entity (URE). Examples of University-Related Entities are not-for-profit corporations or limited liability companies.

Creating a University-Related Entity

In order to establish a University-Related Entity, you must do so in compliance with the appropriate University policy which includes submitting a detailed proposal to our office. The proposal will then be routed to the Office of the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, the Office of the President, and any other offices that may need to review the proposal.

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Monitoring a University-Related Entity

Once a University-Related Entity has been established, University policy requires ongoing monitoring of the University-Related Entity. The University-Related Entity or the sponsoring unit must submit certain documents to our office within six (6) months of the end of each fiscal year.

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