Who We Represent

Our office represents the University, including University officials acting in their official capacities. Our office does not represent individual faculty, staff members, or students in personal legal matters including employment or student relationships with the University. For help with personal legal matters, please see our Useful Links page.

Charges for Our Services

Our office has implemented a limited chargeback system for specified services it provides to University units. Your unit will be charged back modest, set fees for only a few types of services. Examples include:

  • Flat fees for specified immigration-related services. See our Immigration page for more information.
  • An annual flat fee for each lawsuit our office manages on behalf of your unit.
  • Special projects of significant magnitude that requires substantial effort from our office.

This limited chargeback system will allow our office to more accurately allocate its operating costs to units based on their utilization of our services.

If you have question about our limited chargeback system, please contact Dave O’Guinn or Jeff Goetz.