URE Application

Creating a University-Related Entity

Please use the below form to create a University-Related Entity.

You will need the following information/documentation in order to complete the form. If you do not have all of the information/documentation at this time, you may start the form and save your progress.

  • The purpose of the proposed entity;
  • The justification for setting up a separate legal entity instead of doing the work within the University;
  • The proposed governance structure, including the names of individuals tentatively selected to be the directors and officers;
  • The proposed budget and business plan for the first three (3) years (Excel format)
  • When the fiscal year ends;
  • A business risk assessment. The assessment should identify any significant risks to the achievement of the proposed entity’s objectives and describe what plans will be put in place, if any, to mitigate those risks. You should include at least three risks. Risks could include external factors such as economic trends, regulation, or competition, or internal factors such as related to the entity’s proposed personnel, processes, and infrastructure;
  • A proposed Memorandum of Understanding with the University describing the entity’s proposed relationship with the University; and
  • A letter of support from the University unit.